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Meet the Masters

On Monday, October 4th, R.H. Dana students will begin their first installment of the Meet the Masters program, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Meet the Masters is an interactive, multi-media art education program that provides engaging elementary school art curriculum to schools worldwide. The curriculum has been created and tested by professional art teachers and lessons are age appropriate for all grade levels.

Students will attend an assembly where they will learn about the history, culture and life of the Master Artist featured. They will then receive additional instruction in the classroom via technique packets that reinforce the style of the artist before students start an art activity. We will be offering the Meet the Masters program four times throughout the school year and a new artist is featured each time. We will begin this year with Andy Warhol, and the other artists we'll focus on this year are Pablo Picasso, Maria Martinez, and Mary Cassatt.

The following video, courtesy of Meet the Masters, explains how the program started and why it was created. Click here to view a gallery of art created by students across the country.

The PTA would like to thank our R.H. Dana families and our sponsors for the generous donations that help fund programs like this for our students. We can't wait to see the masterpieces our young artists create!



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