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New Art Studio

Welcome to the new art studio in room 117!

This room was, and still is, a multi-use room for language classes, but we cleaned it up, organized it, and now we have a creative space for students to really express themselves.


The room is currently made up of leftover supplies from past Meet the Masters art curriculum and includes paints, pastels, watercolors, glue, markers, and many, MANY more supplies.

Our hope is that this room will be open during lunch--initially facilitated by the generous RH Dana staff, and then by parent volunteers. Students can work on their Reflections art submission, yearbook cover contest (coming soon), and other artistic projects throughout the school year.


This is just the beginning for this space and we hope to make it fully functional with the help of volunteers in the future. We can't wait for our students to come check it out...and use it!


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