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PTA Reflections Artwork & Gallery

UPDATE #2: Winners from the District level have been selected! Click here to view.

UPDATE: Winners have been selected! Click here to view.

Last month we introduced the National PTA Reflections Program, a national PTA initiative centered around the arts. This year's theme was "I will change the world by..." and students were encouraged to create original artwork including drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, music compositions, dance choreography, and literature.

We are so excited to report that 75 of our students turned in Reflections art entries this year! What an incredible turnout! Great job whales, and a huge thank you to Ms. Marisol for opening the art studio at lunch during the month of September so students could work on their projects.

We have created the first ever R.H. Dana Art Gallery in the multi-purpose room (MPR) and it will be open for viewing this week through Thursday displaying the beautiful art that was submitted for Reflections. Students will be visiting the gallery with their class. So friends and families can view our student's art as well, we also have a gallery below for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy!

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Additional Entries

(Names and/or grades unknown)


The following are the students who received Awards of Excellence and their artwork will proceed to next level of PTA Reflections within our district.

  • Sophie English: Visual Arts (1st grade)

  • Evelyn Pattillo: Literature (1st grade)

  • Aiden Radomski: Visual Arts (2nd grade)

  • Otto Morris: Film Production (2nd grade)

  • Jake Doorn: Musical Composition (2nd grade)

  • Haylee Cress: Visual Arts (4th grade)

  • Lucy Lecona: Visual Arts (5th grade)

Honorable Mention

The following are the students who received Honorable Mention Awards. Their artwork will not proceed to the next level, but we wanted to recognize their great work!

  • Jonah Armado: Visual Arts (2nd grade)

  • Lily Crump: Visual Arts (2nd grade)

  • Griesia Chamale: Visual Arts (4th grade)

  • Jeremy Lopez: Visual Arts (5th grade)

District Level Winners

At the district level, the following students will be recognized for their art submissions and we couldn’t be more proud! The Award of Excellence winners will move on to the next level of competition. The CUSD website showcasing everyone's work is live now at

Award of Excellence

Jake Doorn (Musical composition)

Haylee Cress (Visual arts)

Honorable Mention

Otto Morris (Film production)

Aiden Radomski (Visual arts)


Evelyn Pattillo (Literature)

Lucero Lecona (Visual arts)

Sophia English (Visual arts)



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