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Teacher Spotlight - Geraldine Jacome

Mrs. Jacome, a first grade teacher here at R.H. Dana, is our next teacher spotlight. She has been an immersion teacher for over 20 years, and her love for teaching can be seen through her excitement, positivity and encouragement she shows her students. Here's what Mrs. Jacome had to say when we asked her to share more about herself.

Name: Geraldine Jacome

Birth Date & Place: February 14. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Favorite Childhood Book: Magic Tree House Collection

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Song: Peace Be Still

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Any gelato

Favorite Hobby: Painting and exploring new things

Family/Pets: Husband Albert, Julián 18, Alía 14, dog Bently, turtle Paquita

What do you love about teaching? I love the joy of discovery, a curious brain, and learning new things. I love seeing students embrace diversity, language, and culture. Mostly I love teaching Spanish to our fabulous Whales.

What are you afraid of? I am afraid of not having enough time.

What are you proud of? I am proud of my husband for being a great father. I am proud of my son for going away to college. I am proud of my daughter for working through her challenges. I am proud of my Whales for learning two languages. ¡Sí se puede!

What are you looking forward to? I am looking forward to exploring first grade with our new Whale friends.

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