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Teacher Spotlight - Rachelle Hidalgo

R.H. Dana has a new first grade teacher this year! Ms. Hidalgo has been teaching elementary school for 13 years, and we are so happy to have her join our wonderful staff. Read the below and get to know a little bit more about Ms. Hidalgo.

Name: Rachelle Hidalgo

Birth Date & Place: February 3. San Diego, CA

Favorite Childhood Book: The Giving Tree

Favorite Color: Green & Purple

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Moosetracks

Favorite Hobby: Hiking

Family/Pets: My daughter Grace (1st grader here at R.H. Dana!) Jesse (9 year old black and white dog) and Josie (2 year old cream colored dog).

What do you love about teaching? I love watching kids learn and grow.

What are you afraid of? Heights

What are you proud of? I’m so proud of my sister for getting her teaching credential and starting her first year of teaching this year.

What are you looking forward to? I am looking forward to watching my daughter learn to read, write, and speak Spanish fluently.


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