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Teacher Spotlight - Shirley Poster

Our next featured educator is Shirley Poster, who teaches 4th grade at R.H. Dana. Did you know she was on a jump rope team in elementary school and performed at a Clippers halftime show as well as went to the junior Olympics? She also has swam with manatees twice because she loves them so much, both of her grandmas were also named Shirley, and she's a 3rd generation teacher! Let's see what other interesting facts we can learn about Mrs. Poster.

Name: Shirley Poster

Birth Date & Place: 6/30/1993 in Glendale, CA

Favorite Childhood Book: Harry Potter series- have read them more than 10 times, Esperanza Rising, City of Ember, Heidi- (I asked my mom and she said what WASN’T a favorite book. 😂)

Favorite Color: Purple or aqua

Favorite Song: "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate fudge brownie

Favorite Hobby: Being on or near the water, family picnics

Family/Pets: Sophia-1 month, Mason-20 months, Jeff, Zeke and Scout our lab and golden retriever

What do you love about teaching? My favorite thing about teaching is to help students to love learning and to have fun while doing it!

What are you afraid of? Giant flying bugs

What are you proud of? My family, my students and our staff for making RH a great place to work. Graduating with highest academic honors in college, CIF softball champ in high school.

What are you looking forward to? Continuing to work towards my administrative credential learning from the amazing Mrs. Nelson!


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